We offer secure document destruction. we will place our secure and containers at your company, and our trained personnel will service the containers. There will be noaccess to your confidential materials while in transit to our secure shredding facility.

Once in the shredding facility the containers will be unlocked and the contents will be destroyed in a timely manner. we use a premium,hig-speed industrial shredder to destroy a variety of materials including: binders,x-rays,computer disks,video tapes,CDs,DVDs and paper documents.

Our shredding operation significantly lowers your risk of outside exposure. This allows you to have the confidence to assure your customers,clients,employees. In addition,our shredding can help you meet your corporate principle program requirements and help safeguard your public image.

Our shredding facility has restricted security access. Only our trained personnel are allowed admittance. Exterior fencing surrounds the shredding operation and security system.

Our Sincere Advise:
± Waste Segregation


Waste segregation is one of the most critical systematic components of a good waste management programme. Putting waste in an appropriate container/bin , according to its nature and treating it correctly, go a long way in controlling the environmental hazards, occupational hazards, spread of infection, reducing the amount of waste that requires treatment, saving money and ensuring compliance with the law.

Source of Waste Classification of waste generated
Hospitals Medical Waste
Industries Industrial, Hazzardous and E-waste
Offices Municipal Solid waste(MSW), Office waste
Homes MSW
Markets Commercial waste similar to MSW
Farms Horticulture/ farm waste/MSW
Small Cottage industries Industrial/Hazardous waste/MSW
Parks/Gardens Horticulture


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