Secure Document Destruction
We offer your company a cost-effective, convenient, reliable and confidential alternative to the time consuming task of disposing of sensitive documents. Your company can choose either on site or off site destruction.

Recycling services
We offer recycling services for all of your paper and plastic needs.

Your customers entrust you with important information, and it is your company's responsibility to protect their privacy and identity.

Corporate and Trade Information
If your company does not exercise strict control of your corporate information, no court will recognize it as such. Discarding sensitive information in a sloppy way, you surrender ownership of that information. Shredding is the only way to make sure sensitive information is destroyed while you still maintain control of it.

Rate for Shredding

Shredding 1: Up to one ton minimum freight charges of Rs.200. This minimum freight has to be paid by the company. However, this minimum charges will vary according to the location and place from where the documents are collected. Labour charges will be borne by us.

Shredding 2: Above one ton to three tons-freight as well as labour charges will be borne by us. The shredding may be supervised by one or two designated/authorized official from the concerned company. On completion of shredding, an authenticate certificate will be issued by us.

Rates for Pulping 3: Documents weighing above three tons & upto 100 tons shall be directly routed to the paper mills. In this case, a sum of Rs.600 to Rs.4,500 per ton shall be paid to the company from where the documents are collected. However, the rate payable per ton shall depend on the quality of documents/paper sent for pulping. Over and above, freight as well labour charges will be borne by us. On completion of pulping, an authenticate certificate will be issued by the specified paper mill.

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